Board Responsibilities

To be a P&C Council Board member, you must

  • be an IMA member in good standing,
  • abide by the IMA Statement of Core Values and ethics agreement, and
  • attend board meetings, developmental training, and events planned by the council.


What are the positions?  Listed below are the duties of the elected officers:


The council president as its chief administrative and executive officer ensures the board meets regularly, functions effectively, and officers and directors understand and perform their duties adequately.


The president is expected to be knowledgeable on a wide range of council and chapter matters, IMA’s value proposition, and should demonstrate an ability and willingness to lead.



The council president-elect assists the president with administrative duties and chairs the nominating committee. This is a developmental role for someone interested in leading the council in the future.



The council secretary has the responsibility to keep the correspondence and records of the council. This can include preparing minutes for board meetings, submitting administrative reports on behalf of the council, and preparing communications to member chapters. The secretary works closely with the president and webmaster.



The treasurer controls the pocketbook. The treasurer will work most closely with the president, budget committee members, and board members who have planned disbursements or revenues for the budget. Of all the positions, this has the most trust assigned to it.



The council webmaster maintains the website and assists the board with communications to member chapters and their members about council events.



Each member chapter nominates two representatives to serve on the council board.  These representatives have voting privileges on behalf of the chapter during council board meetings.  These representatives should be active in both chapter and council board meetings so they can liaison between their home chapter and the council.  The council board must have representation from at least three of its four chapters for a quorum to conduct business, so it is important that chapter representatives attend council meetings or appoint a proxy in their absence.


Time commitment:  We meet by Zoom on Thursday evenings at 6 pm (for an hour), 4-6 times a year, along with say one or two hours per month.


Interested:  Please contact the P&C Council President, Amy Blechinger, at