About Council

Serving Management Leaders

in the Delmarva, Nation's Capital, Richmond and VA Skyline Chapters.

The P&C Council is comprised of four (4) local chapters (in DC, Virginia, Maryland and Delaware) and was chartered in 1979. The local chapters are the backbone of the organization.  Fueled and managed solely by dedicated volunteers, the local chapters provide an added layer of community and personalization to IMA Membership.  Chapter events include networking and professional development.  Members involved in local chapters have developed lifelong friendships through their hard work, involvement and volunteerism.

Council Purpose


Section 1: The purposes of this organization shall be:

A. To further the purposes and objectives of the Institute of Management Accountants and its chapters that are members of this Council.

B. To promote and facilitate cooperation and communication between its individual members and to provide a means through which their resources may be pooled to assist the member chapters of the Institute of Management Accountants to achieve its purposes within the area served by this Council.

C. To conduct, sponsor, or participate in such activities, as it deems desirable or necessary in accomplishing the foregoing purposes.

D. To assist in the orderly establishment of new chapters in the area.

Council Delegates


Section 1: Each member chapter shall be represented in this Council by four delegates, who shall be members in good standing of the Institute of Management Accountants and shall have been designated by the member chapter's Board of Directors.

Section 2: For purposes of continuity, and when practicable, the immediate past president of each member chapter should be designated as one of the delegates.

Section 3: Each member chapter may authorize alternate delegates in the absence of designated delegates.

Section 4: Regional Officers or Directors, and National Committee Members, who are not elected delegates and who are members of Council member chapters shall be considered ex officio delegates of this Council.

Section 5: Past presidents of the Council shall be considered ex officio delegates of the Council and may serve on Committees.